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Position Yourself for a Breakthrough

Dear Hearts, I want to talk to those who have been praying and asking God for a breakthrough or a blessing and you haven’t received it yet. I want you to ask yourself “Have I positioned myself to receive what I have been praying for? “

Let’s think about the game of football, when you imagine the game, you know that one of the players on the field is called a quarterback and the main goal of the QB is to advance his team forward towards a touchdown by throwing the football to one of his teammates. For the team to advance forward the QB must throw the ball and one of his teammates must catch it. As I think about the game, I understand the QB throws the football to the teammate who is in position.

Likewise, Jesus represents the QB in our lives and the football represents our blessing, therefore, if we desire a blessing or a breakthrough, we must position ourselves to catch what we have been praying for. Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot just sit and pray, expecting deliverance and breakthroughs and blessings to fall into our laps. The more I experience life and the more I read my Bible, the more I am convinced that most blessings and breakthroughs do not come by me standing still, but by getting myself into position and putting some action into place.

All I am trying to tell you today is that most blessings and breakthroughs are not caught standing still, but when you are in position. For example, I have been working on increasing my credit score and eliminating debt, therefore, I can’t expect to get out of debt if I don’t position my spending habits like eating out all the time, saving my money, and utilizing a budget to assist me in paying off debt.

We must learn how to position ourselves for blessings. It’s not that you must work for blessings, but you must be in position for it when God blesses you because certain blessings you will just experience. We can’t expect to lose weight if we don’t exercise by walking or going to the gym or eat healthier.

If you want to position yourself for a breakthrough or a blessing you must DO SOMETHING. We have all had trials and tribulations in our lives, but we must make up in our minds that we won’t stay stuck. When you get knocked down, have setbacks; just know that you cannot feel sorry for yourself and enter a depressive state, but you got to pull yourself by the buckle and DO SOMETHING. Don’t despise your small beginnings because when you position yourself to receive your blessing or breakthrough, you will understand why you had to go through the setbacks of life.

I encourage not only you but myself as I write this blog post, stop overthinking things and don’t begin to stop moving forward out of fear of making the wrong decision or not doing what God wanted you to do. I don’t know who I am speaking to but we serve a God that is greater than all the small details we are worried about because there’s a blessing and breakthrough waiting for you, but you have to position yourself with the right posture.

Be Blessed,


I AM Matters of the Heart

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