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Honoring Alexia Henley Piercy

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hello, Dear Hearts,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. It began in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. The goal of Breast Cancer Awareness month was to educate women about breast cancer and early detection tests that they could take charge of their breast health.

Join us as we RISE together to help uplift women in need. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among American women. In honor of this month and supporting women and men who have faced this disease, make sure you be responsible and educate yourself and others about cancer screenings! I had the opportunity to interview our first honoree for the month, Alexia Henley Piercy who shared her story of being a cancer survivor.

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: When were you diagnosed and at what age?

Alexia: I was diagnosed in October 2011 I was 41 years old

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: What stage were you diagnosed with?

Alexia: 1A crossing to 2A

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: How was cancer initially detected? (i.e., through a BSE, a CBE, or an annual mammogram)

Alexia: I was in the mirror one night and noticed a lump in my left breast. It’s like God sat that there for me to see. I skipped my mammogram that year, but Thankfully I was able to detect it.

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: How did you feel when you first received the news?

Alexia: I was scared, nervous, and angry

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: Is there a family history of breast cancer?

Alexia: Yes

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: Did you have a support network? If not, how did you overcome it or find it?

Alexia: I had my husband, kids, Mom, and Grand Dad, I also had two special friends and one special angel Feon Means and Susan (Chick) Warren Louise Wellmaker

Matters of the Heart by Adriane:

Tell me about your treatment process.

Alexia: My treatment process was 8 rounds of Chemotherapy which the first 4 rounds were very hard, my son cut my hair and my husband shaved my head on Christmas Eve a lot of tears were shed that day. I was very nauseous and weak during the first 4 rounds... For the next 4 rounds, I wasn’t sick, but the chemo attacked every muscle in my body, so I was at the hospital a lot due to extreme muscle pain. After my rounds of chemo, I had surgery on April 9th, 2012, to remove the lump which was very successful. After surgery, I had 38 rounds of radiation which was very painful, and I had a lot of raw skin under my breast, but I MADE IT

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: Were there any programs or services offered to you that would help with the treatment process?

Alexia: The Cancer Warriors Non-Profit in Griffin

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: Did you face any obstacles during your treatment process? If so, how did you overcome these obstacles?

Alexia: No obstacles because I was blessed for my job which kept me on payroll never missed a paycheck and kept my position for me and went back to a promotion.

Matters of the Heart by Adriane: What message would you like to provide women in the community?

Alexia: When going through cancer try not to be stressed or depressed because stress can bring the cancer on fast. It’s ok to cry and even be angry when you first hear the doctor say the C-word but get up and look that devil in the eye and say, “OK devil let’s FIGHT”. Always know that God is right beside you fighting and he will never leave nor forsake you. And always Trust the Process because GOD got YOU!

I hope you received strength, encouragement, and wisdom for your journey, no matter what you're facing from this interview. These past two years have been filled with sickness and diseases of all kinds, but God is our healer and if you’re facing a trial of any kind, I believe you can be healed!

I’m praying for you always!

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Be Blessed, Adriane I AM Matters of the Heart

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