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God's Favor Is Upon You: Your Season of Favor!

Will you receive God's favor?

Dear Hearts,

August is the MONTH OF FAVOR and we are declaring God’s favor upon our lives. Well, some of you reading may ask what is the favor of God? I am glad you ask; favor is defined biblically as divine help; basically, preferential treatment or special privileges. Some may say it is a gift. We don’t deserve it. We can’t earn it. God gives it to us because we are His children, and He is our Father. However, we must receive it and activate it in our lives. It is sad that many believers miss out on the favor of God because we don’t know how to receive it, or we resist it.

If you will just think back over your life, God has been so good to you. You have so much to thank God for because he has kept you in a pandemic and made ways out of no way. He has given you brand-new mercy each day and for this, you ought to give Him praise! There will be some days that you will feel things may be coming against you with trouble, calamity, and attacks on every end, but I challenge you to press into the Word because his favor will show up when you are least expecting it. Don’t stay stuck in the shape that you are in.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are some things that money can’t buy and one of them is favor. When God’s favor is on your life, wonderful things happen to you and for you. Favor will take you where nothing else can take you. Favor can help you do more with less. What takes years to happen takes a fraction of that time. Favor is everything we need, and it unlocks so much in our lives.

One moment of favor is equal to a lifetime of labor. I love what Proverbs 22:1 in the Amplified Bible says,

“a good name [earned by honorable behavior, godly wisdom, moral courage, and personal integrity], is more desirable than great riches; and favor is better than silver and gold.”

Always remember that you are God’s favorite. God wants to show us His favor. The Lord will withhold no good thing from us when we do what is right. When we operate under divine favor, our background and position will not matter, and everything about us, our name, complexion, height, or situation will work to our advantage. Even when we least qualify, we will still be preferred over others. This is the favor of God that we have been blessed with on our lives.

As I dealt with a personal issue earlier this year, I recall a prophecy that I received that would take place in my life. It was a prophetic word that I could not even fathom taken place with all the hell I was going through in the natural. With this prophecy, the Spirit of the Lord encouraged me saying

“Just speak daughter! The favor of God will come upon my life! “ I am a living witness that God favors us.

The Word works and God wants us to be reminded of this very fact! If you want to obtain God’s favor, I encourage you today to love God with all your heart, love His people, be faithful, be honest, be humble, and obtain God’s wisdom. The bible lets me know that Joseph found favor with God and so did Esther. God’s favor is for a purpose in our lives, and it is not for us to boast but to be a blessing to others. If you believe it, say “I receive your favor Lord!”

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Be Blessed,


I AM Matters of the Heart

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