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Grow Through What You Go Through

I pray for blessings and miracles this second quarter of 2021 as we embark on the month of April.

Dear Hearts,

Today I want you to cut yourself and others some slack. If you feel you might have messed up whether at work, home, or life in general, start by forgiving yourself for the mistake. If you feel like you’ve been wronged by someone, forgive their mistake. We can only move on and create a fresh start if we forgive and forget because when we focus on the lesson rather than the mistake, we change that negative energy into something positive that allows us to grow and live in a compassionate manner.

Life is not perfect. This is a truth we can’t run away from. Mistakes will happen if we keep living; no matter how hard someone could try to never do anything wrong in their lives, they fall short. Bad circumstances smack our lives right out of proportion. We look up to God in these instances, wondering how He is working for the good in our lives.

Failure is real, and it is impossible to resist. Once upon a time, I felt like a failure because I experienced two failed marriages but in my present stance, I don’t walk around with regret nor shame. I have come to realize that this was part of my story and I’m no longer afraid to share my highs and lows of life. I enjoy sharing my best and worst times because pride conceals, and humility reveals. It is through my life’s experiences that my character was developed.

We can look at the above scenario in two ways. One would be to approach it by moping around and letting the hurt feed on us or we can look at it as an opportunity to learn, to improve, to have a change of heart, and to grow. The choice you make is a testament to the life you live. You can either allow situations to destroy you or mold you, but we all have a choice to make.

When we make mistakes, we tend to feel serious shame and regret, causing us to sink into a hole of self-doubt thinking we aren’t good enough and God doesn’t love us the same. These are all lies. God is a forgiver, not a condemner. Did you know that if we never made mistakes, we would stay static? We would be boring without personalities. I am a firm believer that with mistakes comes learning and learning develops character and a change of character is necessary for a life well-lived.

Bad circumstances are never fun to go through. It is a fact nobody enjoys going through a storm. Sometimes we go through things to find out who we are…and sometimes we go through things to find out who other people are. I must say that I’m truly grateful for both. Understand that being grateful either way is much easier when you set yourself to be determined to grow in any given situation. With that mindset, you will always win.

Are you ready to win no matter what?

Do you want to become the best version of yourself who always benefits from whatever you encounter?

God will use your mistakes because it is all a part of your story. You should never be ashamed or regret any of your experiences, they are all a part of your story which everyone who may know you can read like an open book. The beauty of life is we all have chapters. When one ends, another one begins. Therefore, your story is still being written; let’s continue to watch the story unfold because you CAN grow through what you go through. God will use everything in your life, even the bad, for the greater good. You must be molded and shaped by your struggles to become more like the person God intended for you to be.

Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope.”~Romans 5:3-4

Be Blessed,


I AM Matters of the Heart

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