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God Will Bless Amid The Mess

Have you ever been in a situation where you did not know what you were going to do, but God steps in right on time?

It could be when you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills due to the loss of employment or when you lose that loved one unexpectedly due to death. Well, God is faithful and kind to all of us and he replaces our anxiousness with peace. This year has shown me that God is faithful and kind when we trust Him with everything.

When God gets ready to bless us, we may be living in pure divine mess, but He mysteriously turns our mess into a miracle. It is not what we see in the natural but what he allows to manifest in the spirit. Sometimes God must get us out of the way of ourselves because he must make us uncomfortable. You see, as people in this flesh, we don’t deal with change to good. Clinging to the familiar is what we like because that’s what’s comfortable for us. We don’t like to be stretched outside of our comfort zones. Therefore, we must move with GOD and be in a place where we can know HIS leading, or we will listen to people and miss HIM. We must hang onto HIS words and not the words of people and die to what we think we know and go with GOD’S flow.

I must be honest that there were times this year that I questioned God about how I was going to send my son to college, as a single mother, because I had used all the income I had in my savings when I went through my divorce five years ago and I knew I was rebuilding and reinventing myself. But I stayed a faithful tither and offering giver. Earlier this year, I wrote the vision out of my prayer request to God and laid it at the altar of my church and I fast and prayed throughout the year. When it was time to go off to college, my son was offered several scholarships, and let’s just say that God allowed me to see a miracle, because my son chose the school with the better scholarship awarded to him! So, I am truly grateful for the blessing that God provided my son. This was a blessing from God designed specifically for my son and it was a miracle for me.

I am a firm believer that once the enemy gets a glimpse of your future or who we are in God, he will try to keep us from reaching our maximum potential and get us to stay outside of our purpose. I am so grateful that I did not give in to the lies of the enemy and just kept the faith and believed God that he was going to make a way out of no way for my son to attend college and he has now completed his freshmen year in another state. I give Him all the Glory for what He has done for me in a global pandemic!

I encourage you to Follow and Focus on JESUS and learn to hear his voice and be obedient to His Word and watch Him bless you in the midst of the mess.

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