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Don't Panic, Just Pray: Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting in a Pandemic

As I prepare to take my son off to college, I have heard and experienced the struggles of trying to parent, assist children with virtual learning, teleworking, and remain sane while coping with the uncertainty of our new lives. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no guidebook about how to parent during a pandemic, but I want to encourage you that it can be done if we just look to the hills from whence cometh our help. God is going to see us through it all and He needs us to be emotionally strong for our children, so they don’t get fearful during these times.

COVID-19 has presented so many with an overwhelming amount of stress --- but some single parents have juggled multiple roles; the stresses of parenting has intensified during this unusual experience we have been faced. It is so important to find a balance with everything that is going on to maintain our peace and sanity during these times.

Even with teenagers, it has been very difficult trying to shelter in place with them because they are usually going out with their friends and participating in their extracurricular activities. As a parent myself, I have had to educate and inform my teenagers about the importance of wearing a mask, washing their hands more frequently than normal, and just being safe. All of this just to prevent themselves from being exposed or exposing others due to walking around not knowing you may have contracted the virus, especially since my daughter has a summer job.

This is the time to be opened and honest with your children when they ask questions about the pandemic. Although I have faith in God, I don’t know when there will be a sense of normalcy to everyday life and I must own that truth when it comes to discussing with my children. As a parent, we wish we could take away the disruption of their education, activities, and relationships but we can’t control these circumstances. Nevertheless, this too shall pass, and we can draw strength from our Heavenly Father who will never leave us nor forsake us.

In closing, uncertainty is frightening, but knowing that we are not alone to figure it out brings comfort. With God’s strength, we will get through this when we all come together! There is hope for a brighter tomorrow…..Don’t Panic Just Pray!

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