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August, The Rebirth: Pain Produces Purpose

I made the choice to take a chance to see changes in my family’s life. I am so excited to have released our “From Scars to Stars” mug and t-shirt apparel which is a good conversation starter to share a testimony and that’s what I hope happens for everyone that invests in these products.

So many of us have been through, overcame, and survived so much but we keep our mouths closed about it for various reasons. God would not allow me to be silent any longer about the shame and embarrassment that I once felt because he has given me a voice. For many years I suffered from debilitating anxiety that God delivered me from January 2010 and I have also survived sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, rejection, abandonment, death/grief, anxiety, depression, divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions (multiple), slander, jealousy, financial ruin, and honestly the list goes on but the good news is I am still here to testify about my journey in my right mindset.

Therefore, this month August 2020 is a rebirthing for me, my new beginning because I am happier than I have ever been in my life because God kept me when I thought all hope was lost. Also, my son began his freshmen year at Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama and I could not be prouder. I know without a shadow of a doubt that someone needs my story and I pray that my upcoming book release “There’s Life After Divorce: From Scars to Stars” helps someone else heal but also gives them hope and help them avoid the mistakes I made.

I am believing that my story will have the power to heal, teach, empower, motivate and inspire another woman so that she can make better choices herself and she can be in a better position to help another woman do the same.

As I continue to grow in God’s word, I’ve stopped being a product of people’s words but a product of God’s spoken word over my life. When I decided to seek God with everything in me, I gained my focus, guarded my heart with all diligence, and gained a greater intimacy with Him like never before. I do know that the plans He has for me, are for good and not to harm me but for an expected hope and a future. I continue to be patient with the work that God is doing in my life because he is the best story writer.

I hope that this blog post strategically helps someone to share their story with those who need it…to save a life. My pain produced my PURPOSE!

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